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Established in 1994, the University of South Australia Student Association (USASA) is a not for profit, student-run organisation that exists to support the student body at UniSA.

USASA services are free and available to all UniSA students - register here!

Services include:
  • Student Board

    - the peak decision-making committee at USASA.
  • Academic Advocacy
    - provides free and confidential advice on a wide range of academic problems.
  • Financial Counselling
    - provides a non-judgemental, independent, confidential and free service to inform, support and advocate for people in financial difficulty.
  • Clubs & Societies
    - supporting over 90 social, academic, religious, cultural and special interest clubs at UniSA. USASA Clubs are the most significant contributor to student events at UniSA, running up to 1000 events per year, and providing a network for students to make connections and lifelong friends.
  • Grants
    - providing funding to support clubs and individuals to enhance the student experience and individual personal development opportunities.
  • Social & wellbeing events
    - including Campus Fair, UniTopia, Art on Campus, and UniSA's biggest pub crawl, Neon Night Crawl. Creating opportunities for students to have fun, interact with others and look after their well-being. Providing volunteering opportunities for UniSA students to engage and connect with the broader student population.
  • Verse Magazine
    - UniSA's student-run and student-curated publication. The magazine is published six times a year and curated by a student editorial team.
  • USASA Student Spaces
    - an ever-changing hive of student activity. They are the go-to location for information to keep you in the loop and stocked up on useful items. The spaces also provide facilities, student discounts and promotions.
  • UniSA Merchandise
    - official UniSA Merchandise is now available from USASA spaces and website. All profit from merchandise sales goes straight back into empowering you and supporting the work of USASA. Choose from a variety of clothes and colours including hoodies, t-shirts, caps & more.
USASA’s objectives are:
  • Embedding the student voice at every level of the University.
  • Providing transformative opportunities for students personal and professional growth.
  • Building students capacity to learn and achieve their academic goals.
  • Providing critical support services to enhance academic progress and student wellbeing.
  • Supporting students to drive campus culture.
  • Fostering a sense of belonging in learning communities at the University and beyond.

USASA Reports
USASA Strategic Plan:

To read the USASA 2018-2021 Strategic Plan, click the button below.


USASA Annual Report:

To read the USASA 2020 Annual Report, click the button below.


USASA Brand Awareness Report:

To read the USASA 2020 Brand Awareness Report, click the button below.

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