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Keep a track of important academic dates on your phone or on paper!


Free Diaries & Wallplanners

Free printed student diaries and wall planners will be available to all UniSA students starting from O-Week (Feb 19) until they run out! Collect from USASA Campus Counters or USASA Stands at regional campuses.

Before you collect, we ask that you either follow us on social media @USASAadelaide or join our e-newsletter.

Add key dates to your phone

From your phone, select from the options below to add key semester dates to your calendar.

Academic Calendars 
SP1: General
SP2: General | Business | Law
SP3: General
SP4: General | Business | Law
SP5: General | Business
SP6: General | Law
SP7: General

Other Calendars
Verse Mag Submission Deadlines
USASA Grant Rounds Application Due Dates

Key Academic dates are sourced from the UniSA Academic Calendar. USASA has done its best to ensure that all calendars were accurate at the time of publication. 

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